The cost of private treatment
The cost of being treated privately involves paying for hospital 'hotel' services as well as the Consultant's fees. There will also be costs involved if scans or other radiological investigations are required. Medical insurance schemes may not cover all costs and it is worth confirming what your particular medical insurer will pay for.
The Noble's Hospital private wing manager has agreed to charge a standard fee of £305 for day stay pain management procedures to cover the use of X-ray facilities and accommodation in the private wing. Procedures where this charge does not apply are marked by an asterisk.
If patients ask to transfer from private treatment back to NHS treatment this is of course possible but will mean returning to the NHS waiting list position you had prior to opting for private treatment to not disadvantage other NHS patients.
Patients who are covered by a recognised UK medical insurance company are reminded that:
It is essential to confirm your cover with your insurance company prior to clinic appointment or admission. Please note that if your insurers do not cover the full cost of your treatment you are expected to cover the shortfall. Written quotations are available.


1. X3750; Botulinum toxin injections to muscle*; £120.

2. 25110; Coeliac plexus block, splanchnic nerve block,hypogastric block - therapeutic; £418.

3. 25100; Coeliac plexus block, splanchnic nerve block, hypogastric block - diagnostic; £418.

4. 25120; Dorsal root ganglion block (local anaesthetic or neurolytic); £361.

5. 25130; Dorsal root ganglion block (radiofrequency); £565.

6. A5200; Epidural injection (cervical); £260.

7. A5210; Epidural injection (lumbar/caudal); £208.

8. A5220; Epidural injection (thoracic); £260.

9. A5230; Epidurogram; £171.

10. A5750; Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) - 2 joints; £260.

11. A5760; Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) - 4 joints; £311.

12. A5770; Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) - 6 joint £361.

13. A5720; Facet joint or sacroiliac joint radiofrequency thermocoagulation including rhizolysis (under X-ray control) - 3 joints; £482.

14. A5730; Facet or sacroiliac joint (RF) radiofrequency thermocoagulation including rhizolysis (under x-ray control) -6 joints;

15. V4800; Injection around apophyseal facet(s) of vertebrae; £113.

16. S5210; Injection into subcutaneous tissue/painful trigger point under local anaesthetic*; £113.

17. X3770; Intramuscular injection with X-ray control (e.g. piriformis block); £208.

18. 25020; Intravenous regional sympathetic block (guanethidine block) - 1 injection; £200.

19. 20610; Joint injection (shoulder or knee) with ostenil or local anaesthetic and steroid*; £171.

20. 20610; Joint injection (hip) with ostenil or local anaesthetic and steroid (X-ray guided); £208.

21. A7500; Lumbar sympathectomy : diagnostic (local anaesthetic under x-ray control); £361.

22. A7600; Lumbar sympathectomy : therapeutic(neurolytic under x-ray control); £482.

23. AA900; New Consultation (45 minutes)*; £200

24. V5250; Radiofrequency lesioning of intervertebral disc under X-ray control); £482.

25. AA900; Review Consultation (30 minutes)*; £100.

26. 25012; Sacral root block (under x-ray control); £208.

27. 27096; Sacroiliac joint local anaesthetic and steroid injection under X-ray control; £260.

28. 25022; Stellate ganglion block (local anaesthetic); £171.

29. A7300; Peripheral nerve lesion (radiofrequency); £260.